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Radio Interview in Seoul

I recently had the opportunity to do two radio interviews. My first was very unexpected. I wrote a song about the Army Post on which we live in Seoul, Korea. Our local AFN radio station received a tip about my song, "USAG-Y Me" and asked for an interview. I was pretty nervous because I put the song together rather quickly and had only expected my friends to hear it. At one point I was even afraid I had gotten my husband into trouble because of it, but all ended well. The leadership and other folks on post appreciated the humor. ~Thank Goodness!~

The second was an interveiw with a popular expatriot station here in Seoul. I had the opportunity to talk about my love for songwriting, a Christmas song I just signed to a music library, and about the peace God has given me as I've grieved the deaths of my two precious sons. You can hear the interview on my music page by clicking on the first video link.

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