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HBC Music Festival in Seoul Korea

I had so much fun playing at the Hae Bang Chon Music Festival in Seoul, South Korea! I played three sets at three different venues (Craftworks, BURN, and Orange Tree) and was able to play 11-13 original songs at each place. My husband, Ryan, played the awesome cajon (box drum) he made. It is designed so you can get both bass drum and snare drum sounds by hitting different areas, plus several other tones. It compliments the guitar really well. Our friend, Steve "Buda" Bofferding joined us in two of the sets on cello and did a terrific job. His playing added a lot of depth to the songs! And, I have the most amazing friends who followed me around from venue to venue! I would highly recommend attending or playing in this festival if you are in Seoul in the fall or spring. The area is just out the kimchi pot gate for those of you that are familiar with Yongsan Army Garrison. Here is a link to our little trio playing a song I wrote called, Villain, at BURN. link

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