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Where Did That Road Go

There is a stretch of road between Leavenworth Kansas and the Legends shopping area that was very inspirational to me in my songwriting. I looked forward to trips to Target for the songwriting as much as the shopping (That just sounds crazy after living in Seoul for 18 months without Target!) I don't know why particularly that stretch of road...perhaps it was the beautiful country landscape and a solid 25 minutes without hearing "mommy, mommy, MOMMY"!

This song is fun for me because I started writing it on that stretch of road in Kansas, worked on it a bit in Kentucky, and finished it in Seoul, South Korea.


I was blown away when I heard what my brother, Tim Harvey, did with the production of the song! He combined just the right elements of blugrass, rock, and country! I love it! You'll be hearing Tim sing the lead, with April Jewell (She is the singer on "Loved Like That") and Josh Mills (He is the singer on "Hope This Little Song is Gonna Do"), singing the harmonies. There is also some FANTASTIC fiddling, mandolin playing and banjo picking by Josh Coffey (He also played on "Blue on Grass"). I'd love to hear your thoughts on the song!!!

Thanks for listening and for all your support! Love Y'all! ~Rachel~

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